As part of a valentines activation we were asked to provide the hardware and software for a bespoke photo activation at Manchester’s Arndale centre.

Shoppers were able to pose for their free Poloroid style photo using a fully branded, dual sided, photo booth. The photo booth featured 2x 30” touch screens along with a professional dye-sub photo printer and separate voucher printer. 

Before printing and sharing their photo, users were able to customise their polaroid image with a message saying what they loved about Manchester. Each message was added to the base of the photo before being printed and shared with the user(s) by email or sms.

The photos were then automatically displayed on a large matrix display in the shopping centre atrium.  Hundreds of photos combined to create a I love MCR collage.

Each photo went via our online moderation platform so any inappropriate images could be removed remotely.  When the photo collage was full, the oldest images were automatically removed as new photos were created.

As well as their printed Poloroid photo, participants also received a printed discount voucher for one of the stores in the centre. Voucher distribution was randomised with the ability to weight the distribution of some vouchers over others.

MCR Love Letters (1)