We were asked to supply the automated photo capture, processing and display technology as part of the hugely popular Olympic experience by KBW Design.

During the activity, spectators scanned a unique QR code in order to capture their souvenir photo; this same QR code would be later used to redeem it on the BP Carbon Neutral website. Our system captured 4 photos in quick succession and enabled the best images to be selected for sharing online.

Each photo was automatically cropped, branded and compressed to a number of different resolutions ready for uploading. Our system delivered the photos and data directly to BP’s server while photos were also sequenced on large external screens.

Our system also included a touch-screen control system to enable on-site staff to have access to the management controls and also a number of easy-to-operate camera settings in order to cope with the challenge of changing light levels during the course of each day.

Over 110,000 photos were captured during the 29 day period, representing an amazing 1.7 photos for every minute that the booth was active! 90% of participants then logged-on to the BP Target Neutral website to download their picture and confirm carbon offsets. This meant than not only did a huge number of visitors engage in experiential brand activity on-site, this then generated tens of thousands of visits to the BP website afterwards – an effective exercise in building and maintaining post-visit relationships.

Lead agency: KBW


Custom Design & Build

Tablet Registration

QR Codes

Playback Screens

Onsite Installation & Support

Integration with client’s website