Visitors to the 15th Fina World Championships in Barcelona were given the opportunity to create their own personalised photo souvenir by recreating one of 5 official FINA poster designs.

Guests were registered by brand ambassadors using our custom tablet software. Here they were able to enter their details, choose their photo design and agree to the T&CS.

Each guest was given a unique branded QR code, this was used to activate their photo experience, redeem their print and view their photo online.

Guests posed for their photos inside our green screen studio, with the option picking their favourite of four captured images.

Guests were directed to Nikon’s commercial booth to print adn share their photos.

The most recent photos were displayed on large screens at the event. A gallery of the best photos was featured on Nikon’s website using our online delivery and moderation platform.


Tablet Registration

QR Codes

Green Screen

Playback Screens

Lighting Control

Photo Printing

Onsite Installation & Support

Integration with client’s website