We also design and produce bespoke video booths to any shape or size.



Our systems can be used to capture many
different formats, from still photos and
animations to high definition video.

Easily Adaptable

Easily adapted for new events or campaigns by
changing prompts, questions, graphics, audio,
branding and recording settings.

Robust & Reliable

From professional grade cameras and microphones
to industrial electronics – our CE marked products
are designed to outlast anything else on the market.

Social as Standard

Allow your customers to advertise and endorse your
brand. Videos & photos can be shared via email &
social media.

Branded Clips

Videos can be automatically “topped-and-tailed”
with extra footage in addition to overlays and logos.

Green Screen

Superimpose users into limitless virtual locations
and backdrops with our simple one press
keying feature.

Simple Export

Manage and export up to 80 hours of videos and
CRM-ready data.


The only VideoBooth software having been approved
by both defence and government clients, with data
encryption options available as standard.

Made in The UK

Designed and manufactured in the UK. Installed
worldwide, from Hawaii to Australia.